Member Services

Your membership in the Niagara Ostomy Association involves:


Joining a network of caring, knowledgeable people living with ostomies who understand you and your experiences. Members have a range of experience, from those who are “newbies” to those who have lived with an ostomy for decades. Members are able to answer your questions and share information, no matter how personal the topic might be. Fellow members can provide referrals to credible sources of information and help.


Receiving a monthly newsletter - available electronically or mailed to your home address.

Advocacy and Awareness

Supporting advocacy and awareness building that NOA members undertake on behalf of all people with ostomies, such as: -providing ostomy information packages to the Niagara Health System (NHS), to be given to patients either pre- or post-surgery -collaborating with the NHS to improve the ostomy patient care stream
-maintaining contact with Niagara ostomy suppliers by
sending newsletters, offering training, publicizing their business in the Southern Ontario Ostomy Handbook.


Providing training via workshops to Personal Support Worker Students and Home Healthcare Providers.


Option to attend monthly meetings, currently virtual using Zoom, an easy program to install and use on your computer, laptop, iPad or phone. A link is emailed to you prior to the meeting. As of March 2022, in-person meetings in St. Catharines have resumed.

Ostomy Visiting Program

Access to our confidential Ostomy Visiting Program. You will receive support from a trained and certified volunteer who helps persons who have or will have an ostomy. Support is provided by phone, email (or in-person visit, when Covid restrictions are lifted).

Ask the NSWOC (Nurse Specializing in Wound Ostomy and Continence Care)

Access to our confidential Ask the NSWOC service. Your personal ostomy questions can be submitted confidentially by email to a trained and certified Nurse.

Ostomy Fair

We host an annual Ostomy Fair where attendees meet people in similar circumstances, have questions about ostomy products answered and receive lots of free samples. Attendees are made aware of senior services offered in Niagara. This year’s fair is postponed due to Covid restrictions.

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide Canada (FOWC)

Donating much-needed and appreciated ostomy supplies to FOWC. The FOWC national warehouse moved to St. Catharines in 2019 where shipments to Kenya, Iran and Cuba were prepared in 2020. Also in 2020, supplies were sent to a Thunder Bay church group (Memoministry) who then shipped ostomy supplies to Zimbabwe.

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