Niagara Ostomy Association

Supporting People with Ostomies in the Niagara Region


Ostomy supplies from the following companies are carried at various pharmacies and health care outlets throughout the Niagara Region.

Coloplast: 1-866-293-6349

Convatec: 1-800-465-6302

Hollister: 1-800-263-3236

If you want to know more about ostomies, there are many helpful websites online. Some of them are run by trustworthy organizations that can give you useful resources and support if you have an ostomy. Some sites have blog posts or discussion boards where you can talk to other people with ostomies who are going through similar things. You can also find information on ostomy products or talk to medical professionals who know how to help ostomy patients. Whether you’re new to having an ostomy or have been living with one for a while, these websites can give you helpful advice to deal with your situation.

Would you like a visit from a trained visitor?​

If you wish to request a visit by a Trained Visitor please contact us. Your request will be directed to our program coordinator. The coordinator will call you to get information that will help determine which volunteers are best suited to make the visit (e.g. gender, age, type of ostomy). They will also ask you if your spouse or significant other may wish to speak with a volunteer about their concerns.