What it means to join us

The Niagara Ostomy Association (NOA) invites everyone to become a member to share in a great and growing community. The only requirement to join is a yearly fee. This fee is broken down to support Ostomy Canada Society as well as the NOA. The majority of the membership fee goes to Ostomy Canada Society to fund programs like the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp. The remaining portion is given to the NOA to support it’s members, fund programs and meetings.

We do not wish to exclude anyone because of inability to pay dues. If payment of dues is a hardship, please inform the treasurer or president. They have the authority to waive individual dues and the information is kept in the strictest confidence.

Membership in the Niagara Ostomy Association also includes membership in Ostomy Canada Society Inc. Membership dues are $30 per year renewable by December 31 each year. Membership is open to all ostomates, family members, medical professionals and other interested parties. Membership includes Niagara Ostomy Chapter newsletters, bi-annual Ostomy Canada magazines and monthly meetings that involve speakers from the community, or ostomy material supply companies. There is ample time after the Speakers to allow for “personal” discussion, and some of our meetings are simply “Open Mic”, or “rap sessions” , a lot of ideas and information can be gathered at these meetings as well, since they are discussions with fellow ostomates.

Membership Application
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